10 benefits of Vastu for your home

Enjoy a healthier and happier family life in a Vastu-compliant positively vibing home.

How Vastu works?

In our world, there are four main directions (north, south, east, and west), and each direction is associated with one of the five natural elements (earth, air, water, fire, and space/spirit). The center of a space is connected to a spiritual aspect. When we build something new, we can disrupt the balance of these elements and directions. Vastu science provides guidance on how to design in a way that maintains this balance and harmony. Following Vastu is important because it helps us gain a deeper understanding of how to structure our physical environment to work harmoniously with the energies in each direction. By adhering to these principles, we can avoid disturbing the natural flow of energy in our surroundings and create a positive atmosphere while eliminating negativity.

Here are ten benefits of making your home vastu-compliant:

  1. Health benefits – mental and physical

    Vastu makes your home better by using every part of it wisely. It says that each direction in your home is linked to something from nature, like east is connected to earth, west to water, south to fire, and north to air. Vastu helps you design your home to let in lots of natural light and fresh air while keeping these elements in balance. It also pays attention to how you decorate and arrange your home to make sure all the natural elements are in harmony. This can improve your physical health, bring prosperity, and make your family feel better mentally.

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  2. Better relationships among family members

    Vastu makes your home better by using every part of it wisely. It says that each direction in your home is linked to something from nature,Have you ever noticed that sometimes our emotions and reactions seem uncontrollable? Ever wondered why that happens? It’s because energy comes in from all four directions and can affect our feelings and actions. For instance, the east is connected to attachment and involvement, while the north is associated with anger.

    With Vastu, if you arrange your house and its interior in line with these subtle connections between emotions and directions, you can create a space where people naturally feel peaceful and harmonious. In a Vastu-compliant or Vastu-adjusted home, you’ll likely notice that conflicts and arguments among family members are reduced

  3. Financial success

    Vastu provides useful tips to stabilize your income and help it grow over time. In the four directions, the southeast is seen as a direction that brings stability. Vastu recommends placing your money and valuables like lockers and drawers in this direction to enhance your wealth. Vastu also advises against having cash or money lockers that open to the west or south, as it may lead to a significant loss of wealth.

    Besides, Vastu suggests that sleeping with your head towards the east and your feet pointing west can contribute to career growth. These practices help balance the energies associated with wealth and stability, ultimately aiding in prosperity and attracting good fortune in life.

  4. Vastu transforms your home space

    Vastu is a scientific approach that focuses on maintaining harmony among the main elements of nature in relation to different directions. In a well-designed Vastu-compliant house, you’ll find the right number of doors and windows in the correct positions, ensuring good natural light and ventilation. Vastu connects people with nature because everything in nature is made up of five elements: earth, air, water, fire, and space. These elements are spread across four directions and are essential for our existence. Vastu helps align these elements with the directions, bringing us closer to experiencing natural peace and happiness.

  5. Vastu is an art

    Vastu is an ancient Indian practice of designing homes and buildings to create harmony and beauty by arranging them properly in all directions. It respects the idea that cosmic energy is present in all four directions, and it recommends that every structure should reflect this subtle energy. Vastu also encourages individuals to connect with their spiritual side and contemplate higher aspects of life.

  6. More harmony in home

    Today, we often overlook the importance of Vastu when designing our homes, leading to a disconnection from nature. We tend to arrange things haphazardly based on personal preferences, not realizing that our surroundings affect our minds. For instance, choosing the right colors and ensuring proper lighting and ventilation in specific directions can create a peaceful atmosphere. Vastu principles are meant to enhance our living spaces, promoting harmony and better energy flow.

  7. Vastu in organizations

    If you want to bring positivity and good luck into your life, Vastu experts suggest some helpful rules to follow. In offices and institutions designed according to Vastu principles, employees can become more creative and productive. Vastu provides specific guidelines about entrances and where leaders, managers, and employees should have their cabins to improve coordination and reduce conflicts. Vastu in the workplace can turn everyday disputes into enthusiasm, creativity, and dedication, which can ultimately lead to greater success.

  8. Vastu offers the right way of designing

    From choosing the right location for your house to deciding its facing direction, the number of doors and windows, and even the colors in each room, Vastu provides precise guidelines for designing every part of your home. You can seek advice from a Vastu expert to create an ideal bedroom, kitchen, living room, and bathroom. Even if your home or office is already built, you can make adjustments to correct any Vastu issues without spending much.

  9. Helps to balance the five elements of nature (Panchamahabhutas)

    The main idea of Vastu is that the whole world is formed by mixing five major elements: earth, air, water, fire, and space. Each of these elements is connected to a particular direction and energy. Vastu knowledge acts as a guide to boost the flow of energy and maintain harmony among these five elements in the environment.

  10. Cuts off negative energy

    Vastu provides various effective solutions and tips to clear negative energy from your home. Some of these are straightforward and budget-friendly, like decluttering, rearranging, replacing items, changing furniture layout, and adjusting colors. With the help of an expert, you can also use a special tool called a yantra with a mantra to thoroughly remove negative vibes from your home or office.

Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) that you can use as a reference.

Implementing Vastu can bring peace and harmony to your home, leading to better relationships and a sense of calm. In a Vastu-compliant home, you and your family can enjoy improved health and overall happiness.

Vastu alignment promotes prosperity, harmony, and calmness in your home. It also draws in good luck, opens doors to new opportunities, and has a positive impact on the health of your family.

The way a house is built and its alignment in different directions can lead to negative effects known as Vastu dosha. For example, if a house has certain features in the wrong places, like a basement, water tank, main door, or low construction in the south zone, it may affect the health of females living there. Similarly, a Vastu dosha in the southwest zone can make the homeowner more susceptible to heart issues. In various ways, the absence of proper Vastu can subtly impact the energy of your home. However, there are remedies available to correct Vastu dosha, so don’t worry! You can consult a Vastu expert in your area for guidance.

The world around us is shaped by different natural forces like earth, air, fire, water, and space. Vastu aims to create a balance among these elements because they affect the well-being of every living being on Earth, including our body, mind, and spirit. By following Vastu principles in your home or office design, you can achieve balance and harmony in your physical space.

Vastu’s main goal is to create balance and harmony among the five elements connected to the four directions when constructing buildings. Vastu provides clear guidelines to design buildings in a way that prevents mental distress and stress, promoting good health and peace of mind. It also provides solutions to restore balance to existing structures and their surroundings.

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