12 Important Vastu Tips for Puja on Dhanteras & Diwali to Attract Prosperity

Don't miss these easy and valuable Vatsu tips to make your Diwali truly special

Diwali is a happy time when people worldwide (esp Hindus) celebrate and worship the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. People believe it’s a chance to bring positivity and luck into their lives. However, some folks perform Diwali rituals and decorations without knowing the right way. This article will guide you on the correct Vastu tips for Diwali rituals and decorations to make the festival more beneficial. It will also explain the importance of charity, prayer, meditation, and service on Diwali and Dhanteras and what makes these practices even more meaningful.

Here are 11 important Vastu tips for Lakshmi Puja nd Dhanteras this Diwali:

  1. Declutter and clean

    Vastu Shastra stresses the importance of cleaning for good luck and prosperity. To attract positive energy, start cleaning your house ten days before Diwali. Clean every corner, get rid of broken or unused items, and donate toys, clothes, and books. Organize your closets, wipe down surfaces, and clean appliances like the refrigerator and washing machine. Pay special attention to the kitchen burner and chimney as these areas can accumulate dirt and negative vibes over time. Thorough cleaning removes bad energy from your home.

  2. Light diya according to Vastu

    According to ancient Vastu science, using mud or metal lamps during Diwali is very beneficial. Metal lamps conduct energy well and mud lamps store energy and hence they are ideal choices for Diwali. It’s also considered lucky to light these lamps with sesame seed oil or ghee. The color of the lamps matters too: use blue ones in the North, green in the East, orange in the Southeast, red in the South, pink or grey in the Southwest, dark blue in the West, and blue or grey in the Northwest. These colors help create a positive atmosphere in and around your home.

    Vastu experts advise placing diyas in sets of four representing Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesha, Lord Kuber, and Lord Indra. It’s also recommended to light up every corner of your house brightly to remove negativity. Along with colorful diyas, drawing Swastik or rangoli designs can attract positive energy into your home.

  3.  Right direction for Diwali puja

    In astrology and Vastu, it’s believed that Diwali Puja should be done in the right direction. These pujas happen at night and doing them correctly affects the energy of your home. The best spot for Diwali puja is the northeast part of your house, where the God of wealth, Kuber, is thought to reside. If that’s not possible, the southeast direction is also good. During the puja, it’s recommended to face the east direction.

  4. Vastu for the idols to worship in Diwali

    According to Vastu, the best place to do puja is in the northeast part of your home. So, put idols of gods and goddesses there. Make sure they don’t face the puja room door. In your prayer room, don’t have multiple idols of the same god. Use only one idol. If you have a statue of Goddess Lakshmi, put Lord Ganesha on the left and Goddess Saraswati on the right. When you do the puja, be grateful for what you have in life. Being thankful brings positive results.

  5. Eliminate negative energies at home

    On the second day of Diwali, called ‘Kali Chaudash,’ people focus on getting rid of negative energies in their homes. Hindu scriptures, like the Vedas, have ways to remove these bad vibes. Everything, including your home, is made of a subtle energy called consciousness. This energy is everywhere but can’t be seen; experts can feel or sense it. The goal is to clear this energy to make your home a positive place.

    During Diwali, you can create positive energy in your home by chanting mantras with your family. One powerful mantra is ‘Om Namah Shivaya,’ believed to remove negative energies and bring positivity. Each family member can also chant protective mantras or even better if they come together and chant mantras like Devi Kavacham, Lakshmi Kavacham, Shiva Kavacham, etc. This forms a protective layer around your home. You’ll notice a positive change in your home’s atmosphere.

  6. Decoration colors for Lakshmi Puja and Dhanteras as per Vastu

    In Lakshmi Puja during Diwali, the best colors for the puja room are yellow, orange, white, rich golden, green, and fresh sky blue according to Vastu. These colors bring brightness and positivity to the room. It’s important to avoid black and dark, gloomy tones in the puja room. Vastu recommends using light, bright, and serene colors for the puja area.

  7. Vastu for main door or entrance in Diwali

    According to Vastu, keep your main entrance clear by removing shoes and shoe racks. Instead, put potted plants, flowers in a decorative pot, or statues of gods or goddesses there. Also, paint your main door with soft colors like light yellow, beige, or earthy shades. Avoid bright colors like red or orange. Don’t place a mirror opposite the main door, as it can bounce back energy. Light up your entrance well to create a positive and calm atmosphere. Using a nameplate on your door is considered good in Vastu as it helps channel cosmic energy into your home.

  8. Vastu for the internal area of the house

    Inside your home during Diwali, Vastu Shastra suggests placing a decorative vessel with colorful flowers in the northeast corner. Use spiritual symbols like Swastika, Om, and rangolis in the north/east corner. In the southeast corner, use earthen diyas or lamps. This article provides details on the right placement of different colored lamps, so check that for more information above. On Diwali days, put two big earthen lamps at your main entrance.

  9. Diwali gifts as per Vastu

    According to Vastu, different gifts carry unique energies. Giving clothes strengthens relationships, and metal items can bring financial luck. Instead of electronic gadgets, gift paper items to your children because they are considered lucky for education. Paintings and crystals are also great Diwali gifts in Vastu. Place crystals in your home’s eastern corner. Avoid giving antique gifts as per Vastu beliefs.

  10. Mentality to cultivate on Diwali day as suggested by Vastu

    On Diwali, start your day with positive thoughts and feel abundant. Avoid arguments and keep peace in your mind and home. Clean your house, especially the entrance, and light colorful diyas everywhere to make your space bright and cheerful. Cook delicious meals and enjoy dinner after the puja. When families come together, they create a loving atmosphere and invite happiness and good fortune into the house.

  11. Focus on the northern direction of your home

    In your home, the north is linked to the God of Wealth, Kuber. So, keep this area clean and clear of heavy furniture or decorations. Cleaning and keeping the north side open and light can bring economic stability into your life. To attract wealth, place light and small plants between the north and east sides of your home.

  12. Design rangolis and mandalas

    In ancient India, people used to create rangolis and mandalas in front of their homes. These designs not only looked nice but also had a deeper purpose. If someone entered your home feeling negative, they could bring that bad energy inside. But controlling others’ feelings isn’t possible. So, our ancestors came up with a simple idea. They made colorful rangoli and mandala designs at the entrance. When people saw these beautiful and auspicious patterns, they felt happy. Beautiful designs like these can make anyone feel amazed, happy, and positive when they enter your home.

    Here are some unmissable Dos and Don’ts in Diwali:


    •  Match the rangoli colors with the lights.
    • Use a picture of Goddess Lakshmi’s feet in your prayer area, and make sure they point inwards.
    • Have a new or well-maintained front door, painted in light, soft colors.
    • Clean your house thoroughly, removing spider webs and dust from every corner.
    • Decorate your front entrance with colorful flowers or flower-filled decorative pots.
    • Use a purple vase or pot to keep your money during Lakshmi Puja, as purple is considered the color of wealth.


    •  Don’t use stickers for rangoli and avoid using religious symbols like Swastika or Om in rangoli designs.
    •  Do not eat non-vegetarian food or drink alcohol during Diwali.
    •  Ensure the main door doesn’t make noise when opened.
    •   Stay away from using black color in Diwali decorations or Lakshmi aarti.

As per Vastu, put your prayer area in the northeast and position the idols to face east. Sit facing north while doing the prayer.

Absolutely, you can do the Lakshmi puja at home by yourself. First, clean your home thoroughly, removing dust and cobwebs. Get fresh flowers, like marigolds, hold them in your hand, and pray to Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi. Your sincerity is what counts most. After that, bathe the Goddess Lakshmi with water and offer panchamrita.

To perform Lakshmi puja and Dhanteras, you’ll need:

  •         Fresh flowers in season
  •         A platform or a designated spot for puja
  •         New idols of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi
  •         A red silk cloth for Goddess Lakshmi
  •         A wooden stool or table to place the idols
  •         Five big earthen lamps (diyas)
  •         A purple plate or tray to keep your cash, jewelry, and account/bank statements during the puja
  •         A Kalash
  • Water, fruits, and sweets
  1.       Purify your home
  2.       Set up a puja platform
  3.       Place a kalash in the middle of grain basket with water in it and use a couple of mango leaves rested on the rim of the kalash, with one marigold in the middle, a coint, some rice unbroken rice grains and one betel nut
  4.       Place the new idols of Ganesh, Laksmi and Saraswati with Goddess Lakshmi’s idol next to Ganesh ji on the right
  5.       Place all your wealth related items in the puja unit on a purple plate in front of the idol
  6.       Apply tilak and light earthen clay lamps (diya)
  7.       Offer flowers
  8.       Recite the puja mantra preferably Lakshmi stotram
  9.         Meditate and chant together for a while as peace of mind is really the truest wealth
  10.         Offer water
  11.       Offer mala (garland)
  12. Offer fruits and sweets

According to Vastu, put idols of gods and goddesses in the northeast corner of your home. While worshiping, face either north or east. Place Goddess Lakshmi in the center, with Lord Ganesha on her left. It’s best if all idols are in a sitting position to bring good luck to the family.

Put all your valuable items, like account statements, on a purple plate in front of Goddess Lakshmi’s idol during the prayer.

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