Best Sleeping Directions as per Vastu Shastra

Optimize Bed Alignment and Sleeping Position for best results in sleep quality
Did you know that the energy around us can impact our well-being? Utilizing this energy for self-improvement is key, and one way to do this is through sleep. Believe it or not, sleeping in the right direction can unlock your full potential. Vastu Shastra emphasizes the importance of sleep direction at home, considering we spend about six to eight hours a day sleeping. If the Vastu of our sleep direction is off, it may lead to various health and mental issues, as well as a potential decline in prosperity.Vastu places a high value on grasping the hidden vibrations influencing the energy and flow in our lives. Aligning with cosmic energy in all four directions is crucial for fostering momentum and positive growth. Making slight adjustments to our sleeping positions can invite prosperity and good health, enhancing the vibrational aspect of our lives.

Benefits of Vastu Shastra for a peaceful sleep:

  • Enhances Sleep Quality: Implementing Vastu principles supports rejuvenating sleep.
  • Boosts Long-Term Health: Following Vastu fosters overall well-being and improves health over time.
  • Enhances Career Prosperity: Vastu contributes to attracting prosperity and good fortune in your professional life.
  • Amplifies Memory Power: Students can optimize their memory by aligning their sleeping direction with Vastu guidelines.
  • Elevates Mood and Well-Being: Incorporating Vastu practices positively impacts mood and overall wellness.
  1. Best sleeping direction in the northern hemisphere

    In the northern hemisphere, sleeping facing South is recommended due to the influence of magnetic fields and electromagnetic energies. Just as the Earth has magnetic poles, the human body also possesses magnetic poles, with the head being the north (positive) pole and the feet as the south (negative) pole. Sleeping with the head to the North creates a repelling force between two positive poles.According to Vastu, the scientifically optimal sleeping direction is with the head towards either the South or East, aligning with the mythological significance and the natural flow of energy. In Vastu, the North is associated with the concept of death, a belief rooted in the mythological tale of Shiva beheading Lord Ganesha. This narrative unfolds when Ganesha denies Lord Shiva entry into Goddess Parvati’s private chamber. Witnessing the fate of her son, Parvati is distraught and threatens the destruction of all creation. To pacify her, Lord Shiva instructs followers to bring the head of any creature found sleeping in the North direction. According to ancient Shastras, it’s believed that the soul departs from the body in the north, seeking union with universal consciousness.If facing North or South isn’t feasible, sleeping towards the West is a viable alternative for a beneficial sleeping position. Understanding and aligning with these principles contribute to a harmonious sleep environment.
  2. Best sleeping direction in the southern hemisphere

    Vastu suggests that in the Southern Hemisphere, which includes countries like Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Antarctica, the direction of North is associated with the idea of death. Unlike the Northern Hemisphere, the magnetic poles shift in the Southern Hemisphere, altering the favorable sleeping direction. In this region, sleeping facing South is discouraged due to the strong magnetic pull, potentially causing a heavy blood flow towards the head from the heart.The magnetic force in the Southern direction may attract iron in the blood, leading to increased blood flow, negative thoughts, low moods, disturbed sleep, and health issues. Experts caution that excessive blood flow to the brain could even result in paralysis. Understanding the impact of magnetic poles on sleep direction is crucial for maintaining overall well-being in the Southern Hemisphere.

Favorable directions to sleep as per Vastu Shastra:

  1. Vastu direction of sleep for students

    According to Vastu Shastra, optimizing sleep direction can boost students’ energy and memory levels. Vastu experts strongly advise students to position their heads towards the east while sleeping. This practice is believed to foster positivity, tranquility, and heightened concentration, ultimately enhancing memory power. Understanding and implementing these principles can contribute to an improved academic experience for students.
  2. Best Vastu direction to sleep as per Vatsu and Science

    Both Vastu and scientific principles highlight the South as the optimal sleeping direction, particularly for Northern Hemisphere countries. Drawing from Hindu mythology and ancient Vastu knowledge, the South is associated with Lord Yama, representing ‘tamas’ or inertia, essential for sound and healthy sleep. Ayurveda emphasizes a moderate presence of ‘tamas’ or ‘tamo guna’ for quality sleep.In scientific terms, the Earth’s magnetic positive pole is in the North, while the negative pole is in the South. The human body, being electromagnetic, has the head as the positive side and the feet as the negative side. Sleeping with the head to the South aligns the negative magnetic energy from the South with the positive magnetic energy in the head, generating significant energy in the body. This synergy is believed to contribute to happiness and promote mindful sleep, combining ancient wisdom with modern scientific understanding.
  3. Best Vastu direction to sleep for daughters

    For the daughters in the household, it’s advised to sleep in the Northwest direction, associated with guests and symbolizing the daughters’ future marriages and relocation. If your daughter is of marriageable age and you’re seeking a suitable match, Vastu Shastra suggests changing her bed direction to Northwest to potentially accelerate the marriage process. The Northwest holds significance in the house, representing knowledge, power, and opportunities, making it particularly relevant for daughters preparing for marriage. Understanding and implementing these Vastu principles may align with contemporary aspirations for daughters.
  4. Best Vastu direction to sleep for senior citizens

    For senior citizens, the South is regarded as the ideal sleeping direction, promoting deep and restorative sleep. According to Vastu principles, sleeping in the South direction enhances positive vibrations, contributing to overall well-being for the body and mind. This direction is also linked to prosperity, happiness, and harmony, making it particularly beneficial for seniors in their later years. Recognizing and implementing these sleeping practices may offer valuable benefits to the elderly, aligning with contemporary health and well-being trends.
  5. Best Vastu direction to sleep for married couples

    According to Vastu, the optimal sleeping direction for married couples is with their heads positioned towards South, Southeast, or Southwest. Sleeping with the head to the North is strongly discouraged, as it may lead to stress and fatigue. Couples are advised to place their bed on the southwest wall of the room, avoiding direct alignment with the door. In addition to that, it’s recommended for the wife to sleep on the left side of her husband.Vastu guidelines suggest avoiding placing the bed against a wall with a balcony. If the bedroom has a balcony, it’s advisable to keep it closed during the evening to foster a prosperous relationship. Another key consideration is avoiding placing the bed directly under a beam for optimal Vastu harmony in the bedroom. Understanding and implementing these principles can contribute to a positive and harmonious environment for married couples.
  6. Best bedroom color as per Vastu

    Ever wondered about the significance of Vastu-compliant colors for your bedroom? The color palette you choose for your walls has a direct impact on your personality, thought quality, and self-presentation. According to Vastu, white emerges as the top choice for bedrooms, representing a state of zero-negativity. This soothing color embodies purity and peace within the family. Additionally, tones like pink and orange can be incorporated to infuse warmth and love into the bedroom, aligning with contemporary preferences for a harmonious living space.

Dos and Dont’s for a peaceful sleep as per Vastu:


  • For an ideal sleep orientation, consider positioning your head towards the South and your legs pointing North.
  • Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui align in recommending a few inches of space between your bed and the wall, facilitating the free flow of positive energy.
  • Enhance your bedroom’s atmosphere and aesthetics by incorporating house plants like Peace Lily, Snake Plant, or Areca Palm, known for releasing oxygen at night.
  • Invest in comfortable bedding, a supportive mattress, pillows, and breathable sheets for a restful sleep experience.
  • Opt for a bedroom color that adheres to Vastu principles for optimal results in creating a harmonious living space.


  • Steer clear of placing electronic devices, including phones, under your pillow during sleep to prevent interference with your natural sleep cycle due to emitted radiation.
  • Eliminate any broken or unpleasant decor, statues, or art pieces in your bedroom or home that may induce discomfort or distress.
  • Place the trash bin away from your bedroom, ensuring it is positioned as far from the bed as possible to maintain a clean and positive sleeping environment.
  • Opt for well-lit, functioning, and dust-free lights in your room, avoiding flickering or broken lighting sources.
  • Avoid using shared blankets, quilts, or pillows; instead, invest in your own bed and bedding to promote personal hygiene.
  • Keep bed boxes organized and free of non-functional items to prevent negative impacts on the health of occupants.


According to Vastu principles, it’s recommended to sleep with the head facing either South or East and the legs pointing towards North or West. However, for those residing in Southern hemisphere regions, it is advisable to avoid the South direction altogether. Understanding and aligning with these directional preferences can contribute to a more harmonious sleeping environment.

For those in the Northern hemisphere, it’s advisable to refrain from sleeping with the head pointing towards the North. Both the Earth’s magnetic field and our body’s structure designate the North as a positive pole, leading to repulsion and potential detrimental effects on health and well-being. Similarly, individuals in the Southern hemisphere should avoid sleeping facing the South. Understanding and adjusting sleep positions based on these considerations can positively impact overall health and mental well-being.

Many researches have shown that people whose beds were placed in north-south direction had the most positive alterations in brain chemistry and frequencies leading to a deeper sleep quaity.

Sleeping with your head pointed towards the South is considered the most ideal direction as this is the direction of Yama and is associated with gaining wealth, happiness and health.

While our space may seem unified, energies impact it from four distinct directions. Vastu Shastra advocates sleeping in the South for optimal health and sound sleep. Moreover, for students seeking enhanced memory and concentration, sleeping with the head pointing towards the East is recommended. Understanding and incorporating these directional preferences can contribute to overall well-being.

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