Meera Vanam


Dhyan Mandir

Iconic Tower

A Symphony of Heritage and Innovation

A creatively crafted heritage icon offering luxurious accommodations and a serene atmosphere for relaxation

Reflects classic charm of timeless Kerelian artwork

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The Art of Luxury Living

A magnificent royal heritage style marvel adorned with luxurious features and captivating beauty at every corner

Maharaja Cottage is a luxurious and charming accommodation

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Where small becomes infinite

Destined to be an iconic spiritual centerpiece, the Dhyan Mandir is designed to render the ultimate meditation experience

A magnificent royal heritage

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Where education is an iconic journey

This Lingaraj-temple dome-style tower is set to become a significant symbol for both architecture and education

Education tower built in the iconic style of the Lingaraj temple

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We Build Good Vibes & Happy Homes

Sri Sumeru Realty is more than just a real estate company. Our vision extends beyond constructing stunning architecture. We aspire to fashion spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also promote harmony and invigoration.


Upcoming Projects

Embark on a whirlwind of imagination as you explore our captivating upcoming projects.

The Sumeru Fusion

Our distinctive style embodies unique aspects that gracefully elevate the vibes of the entire premises.


Sri Sumeru Realty offers a diverse range of projects, including hospitals, residential apartments, and luxurious heritage-style cottages.

Meera vanam

Heritage charm meets modern luxury for your perfect stay.

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Panchakarma Center

Kerala’s classic architectural heritage exudes sophistication in every aspect

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Ayurveda Hospital

Exotic vibes, built with care for the Five Elements

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Luxurious eco-friendly high-rise promoting conscious and sustainable lifestyles

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Sumeru Realty is building the biggest and most amazing meditation hall in India. They’re using the latest Precast technology to make it with big pieces that fit together perfectly. This hall will be able to hold up to 20,000 people meditating together. Sumeru is working really fast on this project and telling us everything about how much it costs and how good the quality is. What I found really cool is that they’re using old Indian ways of building, like how they used to design buildings to stay cool without using a lot of energy, and how they’re making sure everything is balanced with nature’s five elements.

Manak Sharma

CAO | The Art of Living International Center

Sumeru crafted our signature-style luxury villa, Maharaja Cottage, skillfully blending the essence of Kerala’s traditional architecture. We are truly in awe of the rich artwork, heritage, and royal styling that adorn every corner of Maharaja Cottage. The appreciation for the artwork there is immense, and residents thoroughly enjoy indulging in it. We also greatly admired their honesty, budget management, and transparency in their work.

Dr. Guru Prasad

General Manager (Operations) | Sri Sri Well Being

This hospital’s construction is truly unique and provides a positive ecosystem and a wonderfully pleasant ambiance. The credit for this goes to Sumeru’s team who combined haptic architecture, vastu, and different shapes to create a hospital with lots of natural light, greenery, fresh air, and beautiful surroundings at a reasonable cost.

Venkatesh TV

Chief Administrative Officer| Sri Sri Ayurveda Hospital

Sumeru Realty has been incredibly thoughtful and attentive towards the residents’ requirements covering aspects ranging from parking convenience to spacious bedrooms to cultivating a harmonious environment through adequate light and ventilation. Their architectural and construction approaches have masterfully woven in elements of nature creating a tranquil atmosphere. Yet, what uplifted my experience was the synergistic blend of a prime location and an array of amenities offered by this apartment.

R N Merani

Retd Air Commodore | IAF

Sumeru constructed a top-notch standard Sri Sri Yoga School using eco-friendly and sustainable methods like innovative rammed earth architecture and preserving of the natural landscape. I noted their outstanding team includes people who meditate, and the company follows strong ethical values and a research-oriented approach to meet the clients’ needs. They created a gorgeous and peaceful Yoga School for us.

Kamlesh Barwal

Director | Sri Sri School of Yogaa

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