Vastu tips for kitchen: Useful tips to maintain good health and prosperity

Knowing how to create positive vibes in the kitchen can reduce health problems and negativity at home

The kitchen is super important in a home because it’s where we make and eat food together. The good energy in the kitchen helps keep our family healthy. According to Vastu, how things are arranged in the kitchen, their colors, and shapes affect the kitchen’s vibe. In India, people usually cook and eat at home every day. That’s why following Vastu is really important. It helps keep the family and the person cooking healthy and happy. Since the kitchen gives us energy and nutrition, it’s essential to know about kitchen Vastu to stay healthy and motivated.

Benefits of following Vastu in kitchen:

  1. Following Vastu ensures a constant flow of positive energy, which supports good health and wealth.
  2.   If the kitchen faces the wrong way or is in a bad direction, it can affect women’s health negatively.
  3.   In India, many families still have women cooking at home instead of eating out. So, having a positive kitchen atmosphere is really important.
  4.   When the kitchen follows Vastu guidelines, it helps the person cooking, especially women in India, stay physically and mentally healthy.
  5.   Good Vastu creates a positive environment in the kitchen. This positivity reflects in the food we make, making it healthier and better for us.

Here are some easy tips to make your kitchen a safe and sound place for cooking and eating:

  1. Best direction to build a kitchen as per Vastu

    The best spot for your kitchen is in the southeast direction. According to Vastu, your cooking tools should be arranged there. This way, the person cooking can face east. Southeast is linked with the fire element. Aligning your kitchen this way balances the home’s energy and keeps your family healthy. If southeast isn’t possible, northwest is the next best option. If your kitchen is already set up, try arranging it so the cook faces east while cooking.

  2. Position of the kitchen door as per Vastu

    According to Vastu, the ideal entrance for a kitchen is from the east or north side. Specifically, a door that opens in a clockwise manner towards the north, northeast, or east is considered very lucky and brings positive energy into the home.

  3.  Ideal location to keep your kitchen stove

    Where you put your stove in the kitchen really matters in Vastu. Cooking is a big deal because it’s for the whole family. Vastu recommends placing the stove in the southeast corner, facing east. If that’s not possible, some experts say facing north while cooking could also work.

  4. Location for wash basins, water pipes, and the  kitchen drain

    In Vastu, things like sinks and pipes, connected to water, should be placed opposite to the stove, which represents fire. So, they should be in the north or northeast part of the kitchen. When you do dishes, it’s best to face north. This is a great Vastu tip for sinks and wash basins.

  5. Ideal spot to store grains and other stock as per Vastu

    According to Vastu experts, it’s lucky to store your grains, rice, and groceries between east and southeast. Items like ghee and oil are best kept between southeast and south. This brings good fortune and ensures your home always has enough supplies.

  6. Vastu for ventilation and windows in the kitchen

    Having good ventilation in your kitchen is really important. It lets out the hot air and brings in fresh air, making the kitchen feel nice. When there’s good light and air, the food tastes better, and the dining area feels pleasant. According to Vastu, it’s best to have windows in the east side of the kitchen.

  7. Vastu colors for the kitchen

    In your kitchen, Vastu recommends using colors like orange, red, brown, or yellow. You can mix these with neutral colors like white, cream, or beige. This mix of bright and soft colors helps balance the light and energy in the kitchen, according to Vastu.

  8. Vastu for kitchen slab

    According to Vastu, the direction your kitchen faces is important when choosing colors. Each direction has specific colors that work well and others that don’t. For example, if your kitchen faces east, good colors are green, beige, or orange. Avoid yellow, golden, grey, white, or silver. If it faces west, white, silver, grey, and golden are good choices. Green, red, and orange are not as good. A north-facing kitchen should be painted blue, green, or grey, avoiding red, orange, yellow, or pink. For a south-facing kitchen, red, orange, yellow, beige, and green are good. Avoid blue, black, grey, or silver.

  9. Vastu position for refrigerator in the kitchen

    The best place to put your fridge, according to Vastu, is in the southwest part of your home. This can bring peace and harmony to your family. The next good spot is southeast. If those don’t work, you can also place it in the west, northwest, or north. Avoid putting it in the east or northeast. According to Vastu, your fridge door should ideally open to the east for positive energy. Good colors for a fridge are metallic, white, cream, and shades of blue.

  10. Vastu for mirrors in the kitchen

    The internet has different opinions about putting mirrors in kitchens. It’s a bit unclear if it’s good or bad. However, putting up mirrors is a delicate thing, and it should be done carefully. If placed wrongly, mirrors can cause problems. Mirrors reflect light and energy, so if you want one in your kitchen, it’s best to have it in your dining room, reflecting your dining table. According to Vastu, this is the safest and best way to use mirrors in your kitchen.

    5 Dos:

    •         Ensure the kitchen is larger than 80 sq ft. A too-small kitchen might harm women’s health in the house.
    •         Place drinking water items in the northeast corner of the house, as per Vastu.
    •         Install kitchen exhaust fans on the southern side.
    •         Opt for ceramic or marble tiles for the kitchen floor, following Vastu guidelines.
    •         Choose brown for kitchen furniture; it’s the best color according to Vastu.

    5 Donts:

    •         Avoid placing toilets and bathrooms above, below, or next to the kitchen in your house.
    •         Never build your kitchen in the north, as it’s the direction of wealth. A kitchen here might lead to uncontrollable expenses.
    •         Make sure you don’t face south while cooking, as it could cause health issues in the future.
    •         Don’t place mirrors randomly in the kitchen. Instead, consider using a rectangular or square mirror in the dining room reflecting the dining table.
    •         Avoid constructing your kitchen in the northeast corner of the house, as it may cause mental distress.

If you cook and eat at home, it’s a good idea to set up your kitchen according to Vastu. This can enhance the positive energy in the place where you prepare meals for yourself and your family.

According to Vastu, the best places to keep your kitchen’s dustbin are in the west or northwest, south or southeast, east of southeast, and south of southwest directions.

Yellow is a great color for kitchens because it looks cheerful and positive. You can also use red or orange with light colors like white and cream. This mix helps balance the light and energy in the kitchen.

To design a kitchen following Vastu, place your stove in the southeast so the cook faces east while cooking. Use bright colors like yellow or red, mixed with soft colors like cream or white. Also, position the sink opposite the stove to balance fire and water elements. For more tips, check our Instagram @sumerurealty.

Stay assured! Vatsu provides numerous practical remedies for Vastu dosha issues and guidance on setting up a kitchen in a new home. Explore our blog section on Vastu for detailed information and solutions.

According to Vastu experts, the ideal placement for a fridge in the kitchen is the southwest direction, ensuring that the fridge door opens towards the east. Alternatively, if southwest placement is not possible, west, northwest, or north directions can also be considered for positioning the fridge.

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