Why Sri Sumeru Realty is the best real estate developer

Here's how Sri Sumeru Realty stands out as real estate company that builds good vibes.
Sri Sumeru Realty Real Estate Developer

Sri Sumeru Realty is a distinct real estate development firm that emphasises a unique design approach viewing architecture as a ‘vibration’. We explore the balanced integration of the Panchamahabhutas (earth, air, water, fire, and space) to create harmonious living spaces. This approach sets us apart, as we focus on cultivating positive environments and contented homes.

Sumeru, a real estate company, prioritises high-quality construction by integrating modern, advanced technologies like Precast, rammed earth, Indian Passive, and Kerala heritage architectures, all aimed at promoting sustainability and eco-friendliness. Our team comprises meditative professionals committed to offering reliable, innovative, and balanced strategies for progressive development. We prioritise working in harmony with nature, maintaining ecosystem balance while achieving construction milestones.

Here’s why you should consider Sri Sumeru Realty as your real estate partner for a multitude of reasons:

  1. Builder of Sattvic communities

    A Sattvic community, exemplified by Sri Sumeru Realty, presents a distinctive range of high-rise residential apartments designed to offer an environment aligned with Sattvic living. These spaces harmonise the five elements of nature—Panchamahabhutas (earth, water, fire, air, and space)—resulting in a place where residents can experience enhanced health, positive vibes, and mental well-being. Rooted in principles of non-violence, our Sattvic Communities provide residents with opportunities to embrace a healthy lifestyle and explore spirituality.

  2. Top-notch quality

    Sri Sumeru Realty prioritises advanced construction technologies and the acquisition of premium raw materials for construction projects upholding a globally recognized standard of quality. Our commitment lies in exploring innovative construction techniques and materials to champion sustainability and minimise environmental impact. For instance, the Sri Sri School of Yoga exemplifies our dedication to rammed earth architecture, utilising local bricks, mud, and stones—a robust and eco-friendly technology that ensures natural cooling, even in high temperatures. At Sri Sri University, we sourced laterite for foundations, repurposing cut-off pieces and dust by-products for walls and plastering. Our focus remains steadfast on innovating construction practices, regardless of scale, to elevate architectural excellence, diminish waste, and advance sustainability.

  3. Sustainable construction

    Whenever we construct an architecture, we understand that it is a long term asset and it is something people wish to leave behind as a usable legacy for future generations. This understanding guides our selection and use of materials that are sustainable, durable and by extension environmentally friendly. We can learn a lot from ancient Indian architectural practices too where they selected raw materials that are sustainable and complement the external weather and keep the building naturally cool or warm, requiring less energy to maintain it.

    Take, for instance, how Sumeru Realty incorporates Indian Passive architecture in premium quality hotel constructions like Meera Vanam, and integrates Kerala heritage elements in luxurious accommodations such as Maharaja cottage. These design choices actively advocate for sustainability by facilitating natural cooling and ventilation which is particularly beneficial during hot days in Bangalore.

  4. Certified with DRDO

    Sri Sumeru Realty holds a Class A certification as a construction company partnered with DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization). Our involvement in DRDO’s developmental projects nationwide reflects our diverse portfolio and trusted status as a government-affiliated real estate developer. Collaborating with DRDO has enriched our knowledge base and expertise,in turn, fostering innovative practices that extend beyond our government projects to enhance our other endeavours.

  5. Scalability of project

    Sri Sumeru Realty adeptly transitions from crafting premium villas to undertaking monumental ventures like the Iconic Tower inspired by Lingaraj temple style that showcase our adaptability to evolving client needs. Our team and management system efficiently sustain and elevate performance levels, seamlessly meeting amplified operational demands and scaling up to larger projects without compromising efficiency.

  6. Eco-friendly design

    Today the challenge is to build green architecture or environmental architecture. The challenge is to produce smart designs and use available technologies to ensure that structures generate minimal harmful effects to the ecosystem and the communities. At Sri Sumeru Realty, we look out sustainable alternatives for concrete because concrete is a negative building material which accounts for nearly 40% of energy-related CO2 emissions. Sri Sumeru Realty is proactive when it comes to eco-friendly construction. We opted for the revolutionary rammed earth architecture in the construction of Sri Sri School of Yoga, a laterite based construction for Sri Sri University, an ecofriendly Kerala style architecture for constructing premium luxury stays such as Meera Vanam, Maharaja Cottage, and Panchakarma retreat centre. We opt for concrete replacements such as flys ash bricks, locally available stones and deeper wisdom to promote eco-friendly construction.

  7. Workforce all around India including the border areas

    We are skilled and highly qualified builders who can undertake complex projects successfully. Our capabilities extend to governmental and institutional projects with a workforce operating in regions like Jammu and Kashmir, Assam, Himachal Pradesh, and the North East.

  8. Meditating Professionals

    We, as mindful and meditating professionals, prioritise the impact of our constructions on both people and the environment. Our conscientious approach strikes a balance between environmental sensitivity and business acumen to blend the rational with the empathetic. This equilibrium fosters an environment where our team explores innovative, unconventional methods, embracing technologies and strategies that preserve landscapes, nurture natural ecosystems, and seamlessly integrate modern advancements.

  9. Happy workforce

    Our construction team incorporates meditation into their routine and this contributes to their enhanced focus, well-being, and overall health. Given the physical demands of their work, such practices assist in alleviating aches, pains, and inflammation. Meditation fosters inner peace, empowering our workers to tackle daily challenges with a positive mindset. This positivity not only boosts their focus and productivity but also subtly invites a favourable impact from nature on the final output.

  10. Transparency at its best

    At Sri Sumeru Realty, honesty remains a cornerstone principle, particularly evident in significant real estate projects where transparency in transactions and communication takes precedence. Our commitment involves ensuring clear delineation of roles and responsibilities for all involved parties, fostering heightened focus and streamlined workflow. This transparent approach has garnered credibility with both clients and the market over recent years, serving as a significant advantage for our clientele.


The vision of Sri Sumeru Realty Private Limited is to create secure, sattvic and happy communities.

Sri Sumeru Realty specialises in constructing and marketing Sattvic communities, commercial properties, turnkey projects, and providing project management, interior design, and eco-friendly, sustainable construction services, tailored to meet client needs.

You can talk to our experts on the phone (+91-9742995656) or email us at info@sumerurealty.com.

A Sattvic Community embodies a lifestyle guided by principles such as non-violence, cooperation, kindness, and the harmonisation of the five elements of nature. This environment fosters alignment with nature while significantly enhancing the well-being of its residents.

To build good vibes at home, you need to let go of grudges and regrets and start the day with freshness.

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