9 important reasons why you should buy property on Kanakapura road

Kanakapura road is a prime location for investment with surging real estate growth.
Kanakapura Road in Bangalore has garnered considerable attention recently, emerging as a focal point for potential opportunities. The ongoing initiatives by top builders to construct high-rise apartments and malls signify the area’s growing significance. The infusion of the metro rail and road widening projects has notably enhanced connectivity, bringing the region closer to IT hubs and educational institutions while fostering increased economic activities.These developments have prompted a surge in developmental and real estate projects along Kanakapura Road, with investors anticipating substantial growth and progress in the years ahead. The locale is increasingly appealing to both homebuyers and investors, drawn by the evolving real estate landscape, improved road connectivity, and the presence of natural surroundings. In light of these factors, exploring property investment opportunities on Kanakapura Road becomes a noteworthy consideration.

Here are reason why you should invest in real estate in Kanakapura road:

  1. Location and connectivity

    Kanakapura maintains crucial connectivity with major areas of Bangalore through three prominent highways: NICE Road, Kanakapura Road, and Bangalore-Mysore Road. The Namma Metro currently extends to the Silk Institute on Kanakapura Road and is anticipated to further extend its reach into Kanakapura road in the near future. Besides, Kanakapura Road’s proximity to well-known attractions such as Bannerghatta National Park, Mekedatu, and Sangama positions it as a favored residential choice for individuals seeking a tranquil and peaceful environment.
  2. Expanding commercial sector

    The inclusion of metro infrastructure and the availability of properties and villas along Kanakapura Road are drawing increased interest from homebuyers and investors. The area’s excellent connectivity and rising demand are contributing to the expansion of the commercial sector. Kanakapura Road has evolved into a highly regarded location in Bangalore, offering opportunities to acquire affordable properties with favorable prospects for future appreciation.
  3. Affordable Housing

    The real estate development in the Kanakapura roadside area is gaining momentum that has led to its increasing popularity. This surge in interest is one of the factors keeping property prices relatively affordable compared to other well-established residential areas in Bangalore. On Kanakapura Road, the price range for properties begins at INR 20 lakh for a 1BHK apartment and extends up to INR 2 crores for a premium villa.
  4. Good return on investment

    Considering property investment on Kanakapura Road may prove to be a lucrative decision with the potential for significant returns in the future. The rising demand for residential properties in the area, coupled with increasing property prices, positions it as an attractive investment location. Expert projections indicate that as the metro rail network further expands into the region and tourism continues to grow, property prices are likely to witness upward trends in the future.
  5. High-quality construction and amenities

    When traversing Kanakapura Road, prominent builders showcase their expertise through high-rise apartments and skyscrapers. Employing top-notch materials and modern construction techniques, these structures, including malls, incorporate the latest graded technology. Catering to contemporary consumers and residents, these properties boast premium facilities and amenities, aligning with the preferences of modern-day living.
  6. More greenery and free from pollution

    In contrast to the bustling core city of Bangalore, Kanakapura Road offers a tranquil escape with breathtaking views. The atmosphere is refreshing and serene, providing a respite from the hectic pace of urban life. The surroundings are uncomplicated, with a presence of simple villagers contributing to the area’s simplicity. Life here unfolds in a relaxed manner, offering peace and serenity away from work.Renowned for its stunning scenic beauty, Kanakapura is surrounded by hills and lush green forests. The proximity of the Kaveri River enhances the natural beauty of the area. Additionally, Kanakapura features numerous trekking trails and picnic spots, making it an ideal destination for families and friends to enjoy their weekends.
  7. Local convenience

    Living on Kanakapura Road offers numerous advantages, starting with abundant water resources, thanks to the nearby flow of the Kaveri River. The real estate buzz and development in this area can be attributed to the ample presence of the Kaveri River, addressing a significant concern as compared to other residential hubs in Bangalore facing water scarcity.Kanakapura Road is not only strategically located with respect to water availability but also boasts various tourist attractions and retreat centers, such as the Art of Living International Center, known for meditation and rejuvenation. The local convenience is further enhanced by the presence of excellent hospitals, schools, and malls in close proximity. Additionally, a robust metro rail infrastructure and transportation network contribute to the overall convenience of living in the area.
  8. Scope and future development

    Ample land is available for investment and construction along Kanakapura Road, making it an attractive prospect for real estate development. Positioned on the southern side of Bangalore, this area is gaining popularity among IT professionals for its affordable housing options in a serene residential setting, coupled with proximity to IT hubs like Electronic City. Noteworthy builders are actively engaged in housing projects along Kanakapura Road.The ongoing expansion of peripheral roads on the Kanakapura side is progressing swiftly, promising enhanced connectivity to Tumkur and Hosur roads upon completion. The widening of Kanakapura Road is anticipated to conclude this year, facilitating improved transportation. The development of NH-209, a two-lane road linking Tamil Nadu to Bangalore, is already attracting significant investments, thereby adding value to the real estate sector of Kanakapura Road. The future prospects for realty in Kanakapura Road appear promising.
  9. High chance of property price appreciation

    Over the years, the southern region of Bangalore has experienced notable growth. The expansion of roads and the introduction of the metro rail have led to a rapid increase in land and property prices. The proliferation of commercial activities and the establishment of large malls are expected to further boost real estate values in the future. The ongoing connectivity enhancements and developmental projects are likely to have a positive impact on real estate prices, making it an attractive choice for working professionals. Securing an apartment as a tenant is relatively straightforward, and for property sellers, there’s the potential for a favorable return on investment in the sale.


Kanakapura Road stands out as a preferred property destination for families and individuals seeking a place to live. Renowned builders in the country are presenting diverse property options for both commercial and residential customers. The transformation of Kanakapura Road from a village-edge location into a rapidly emerging modern area of Bangalore is evident. Considering the ongoing developments, investing in property in this region today could be a wise decision.

Kanakapura road is on National Highway 209 of Southern Bangalore.

Kanakapura road is amongst the significant stretches of the southern zone of Bangalore metropolitan city.

Kanakapura road is around 45 kms away from the central Bangalore and was earlier a part of Bangalore rural district.

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