Turnkey Projects

Constructing and reinventing spaces required for office, dwellings (individual structures or townships), industrial and commercial needs prescribes an attention to specific requirements that are both time consuming and call for domain specific knowledge across multiple sectors and multiple disciplines of engineering. With our unmatched team of designers, engineers and structural and technological experts, Sri Sumeru Realty Private Limited has time and again demonstrated its expertise, competence and proficiency to complete such projects in a time bound and and fiscally viable manner.

Sri Sumeru Realty Private Limited has identified Turnkey Projects as one of the key performance indicators going forward, which amply displays the trust our clients have in us.

SSRVM School

The SSRVM School institutions have seen more than 10,000 students pass out over the last few years. The state of the art Ayurveda College along with its hostel wing was built with Gurudev’s vision of providing holistic education and to revive the ancient science of Ayurveda and make it mainstream.

This institution not only teaches applications of this ancient knowledge in a modern day setting, but also imparts invaluable self development techniques like meditation and Yoga as part of its syllabus, giving the students an early exposure to both academic as well as practical soft skills.

Sri Sri Ayurveda Hospital and Research Center

The Sri Sri Ayurveda Hospital and Research Center is a beautiful neoteric edifice providing the best in class Ayurvedic diagnoses and treatments and furthering the cause of this ancient Indian science. With over 250 patient beds and 200 rooms, this structure boasts of all the facilities of a modern establishment.

Offering the best in Ayurveda and also contemporary medicine in cases of emergency, SSCASRH has made a decisive difference in the lives of people who visit from all over the world.

You can view more of our turnkey projects by visiting http://sumerurealty.com/our-projects/.