Infra Projects


Sri Sumeru Realty Private Limited has a vision to provide effective and sustainable infrastructure solutions contributing to the nations economic growth and international competitiveness, which will form the backbone of the country’s economy.

Sri Sumeru Realty Private Limited is committed to being a significant stakeholder in this exciting chapter of our country by providing the requisite competencies and technological knowhow along with other essential services advancing growth and stimulating effective functioning eventually leading to wealth creation for our community as well as for our country.

Our business portfolio echoes our vision to address new challenges and opportunities across diverse interests and to make long-term investments in developing and implementing infrastructural projects with state-of-the-art technology and global standards in the following sectors:

  • Realty and Hospitality
  • Educational Institutions
  • Roads, Highways and Bridges
  • Airports and Sea Ports
  • Power, Water, Environmental Engineering
  • Petroleum and Natural Gas
  • Railways

Our success is driven by integrating Project Managers, Engineers, Support services, Consultants and Supply Chain partners into high performing teams focused on project delivery, which is supported by a comprehensive and effective management system.

India is a fast growing region of vast commercial potential, with its youthful population being in the majority, a burgeoning middle class, an ideal geographic position and free trade agreements with a number of countries. Apart from the economic infrastructure avenues like Road, Rail, Water and Air, our focus is also on creating, sustaining and strengthening social infrastructure advances like hospitals, knowledge institutions and heritage assets of our nation, which enrich the quality of life.

The widespread urbanization happening in India, with its vast population eager for better infrastructure exposing them to more opportunities presents multiple business possibilities. A good deal of the infrastructure planned or underway involves expanding and integrating transportation links and networks that move people and goods within or between the existing 29 states in the country.


We believe investing time and effort in Infra Projects in India, the 4th largest economy in the world, is not only a road to create jobs and ensure economic growth, but is also a sureshot way of building collective national prosperity.

It is estimated that by 2050, there will be around 900 million citizens added to urban India, and it is imperative that the infrastructure – both economic and social supports the growth. Good roads are the need of the hour for ease of business and also supports the economy by encouraging tourism and smooth interstate access.

Similarly, there is a need to develop airports that are modern and efficient for freer and easier movement of people internationally as also within the country. For all these reasons, it is vital that the physical infrastructure needs to be as efficient and as productive as possible.

Sea way access in India is a highly untapped territory, with India having over 4500 miles of coastline with opportune geographical features. There are major areas where ports can be developed which in turn can support a new medium of business.

While the Indian Railways is already the largest serving such network in the world, with over 8 Billion passengers served and over 1 Billion Tons of Freight transported annually, it needs a much awaited impetus in modernization, which is long overdue. With a population the size of India, it is both paramount and imminent that its citizens have access to multiple modes of transport to balance each sector. Identifying the best options for each sector in India and building upon that avenue will boost the economy in more ways than one.