Franchising Management


Real Estate franchising is seen as the next big step in the evolution of the organised real estate business. Franchising adds value of process and systems and organises the various stakeholders under the umbrella of a renowned brand, while consultancy differentiates the brokers from the advisors.

Research based knowledge empowers brokers to transition to consultants and advisors rather than just becoming transaction facilitators.

Franchising is one of the most competent approaches to take for a market like India, where the Real Estate sector is varied and caters to a wide spectrum of clients whose diversified requirements have to be met promptly and effectively to leave a mark in the Real Estate segment.

To fully leverage this avenue, we invite interested parties / body to tie up with us and build on this very promising and lucrative business opportunity for investors and the next step forward for existing real estate players.

We also hold an impressive property portfolio that is available for lease. For enquiries and information do write to us at