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Sri Sumeru Realty Private Limited provides complete design services, right from pre-construction design, design-build and comprehensive construction management.

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Pre Building Designs

Our services can be retained for design projects before the commencement of construction, as well as during or after every phase of construction. Sri Sumeru Realty Private Limited has a team of professionals that includes Architects and Designers that work in sync with the Project owners to give the most feasible and efficient solutions to make your dream home a reality.

Structural Building Designs

A complete and exhaustive analysis by our structural engineers leads to long lasting, durable, cost-efficient and all weather structures. Virtual modeling also helps our engineers, architects as well as our clients to have a 360 degree view of the project thus ensuring its feasibility and imparting maximum efficacy.

Our team of expert engineers keep abreast with the latest industry trends to secure the best and the state of the art features for all our projects.


With an approach that defines our commitment of delivering the best to each of our end users, our team broaches every project with an aim to provide customer centric solutions while at the same time enhancing cost efficiency to give them complete solutions for their needs.

When we are in the process of translating a design into reality, care is taken to include the best construction practices, environmental sustainability, energy efficiency and financial feasibility, regardless of the size and type of the request, which is possible through the expertise and experience of our team – be it kitchen and bath remodels to new custom homes and large multi-story commercial and residential spaces.

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From residential homes to massive international projects, one of the most crucial people involved is the architect. His or her services can involve much more than simply drawing up the designs for the building and then watching the progress of the builders. SSRPL architects specialize in different areas of expertise, such as residential architects who excel in the building of houses and others who are more focused on commercial or industrial buildings.

Our architects know all the relevant rules and regulations relating to the project. SSRPL architectural designers are available to work on projects like urban landscapes as well as buildings and other structures. Regardless of which service you seek, highly-qualified professionals can be found at SSRPL.

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Finding someone who can work not only to the highest standard but also in different locations around the country can be challenging, but with SSRPL, locating someone in the right area of architecture and in the right part of the country is a simple and painless process.

With a focus on conceiving architectural ideas that transform our clients’ vision into practical and appealing designs, which eventually push the boundaries of building performance, we endeavor to meet all requirements and overcome constraints with the right mix of analytical thinking, creativity and artistry by designing edifices that make a statement, conserve natural resources and enrich the human experience.

We optimise all available avenues - computational tools, virtual and augmented reality to provide ideas that are aesthetic and viable methods.

Sri Sri Ayurveda Panchakarma

A living reinforcement of this approach is the PLATINUM RATING, awarded by the INDIAN GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL (IGBC), which is a part of the Confederation of India Industry (CII) for our Flagship Residential Project - Soudhamini.

It is the vision of SSRPL to be the construction company that our clients and their associates would be willing to recommend to others. SSRPL is very thankful to all of our clients who have become repeat clients, contracting us to complete multiple projects. It is our mission to build strong, lasting business relationships.


We offer a fixed quotation for a complete
'Design & Build' service:

We prepare the architectural drawings

We organize the planning approval

We organize the byelaw approval

We know the most economical forms of construction without compromising quality

We make sure there are no hidden costs

We keep complete control over the costs throughout the project

We have a faster on site building time

You deal directly with one agency

You leave all the stress of building to us.

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